Hi, I am Gaurav Mehta !

The world around us is constantly changing, are you?

Hi, I'm a Tech Enthusiast and a Chartered Accountant with a passion for all things technology and finance. I have a solid understanding of SQL and Tableau, and currently, I'm immersed in learning Python to delve deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and other exciting tech-related topics. 

As someone who loves numbers and financial analysis, I'm also pursuing the CFA designation (currently a CFA L2 Candidate), which keeps me updated and engaged in the dynamic world of finance and stock markets. Making informed decisions in this ever-changing landscape drives me to excel in my field.

When I'm not immersed in work or studies, you can find me enjoying various hobbies. I find solace in the rhythm of music and love challenging my friends to a game of table tennis. Staying fit and active is essential to me, and I relish my time in the pool swimming and engage my mind in thought-provoking books.

Beyond my personal pursuits, I hold a deep sense of responsibility towards society and the environment. Contributing to social causes and giving back to the community is something that brings me immense joy and fulfilment. Moreover, I genuinely care about the environment and strive to make a positive impact in preserving and safeguarding our planet.

With an optimistic outlook and a dedication to continuous learning, I'm excited about the journey ahead, ready to seize new opportunities and contribute positively to the world.


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